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All artwork done and posted to this site is by yours truly, Donna A. And in their respectable years. The site, "" and all it's incarnations ["Nya-Nee-Nae! Enter the Stage/NNN!EtS!", or it's incarnations as well as extensions to this site ] online since 1998 to today. No content on this and outside content [maintained by Donna A. / Karniz may be used for any Tumblr/Twitter/Deviantart/Twitch/Instagram/ETC] is for commercial or public use; copied, or duplicated in any form. Personal use of work is allowed as long as credit is given if used online. Illustrations thereof may not be resold, any non-profit use of work either digitally or traditionally must be permitted with permission by the artist.

Please respect the properties and intellectual works of the artist.

About Fan Art:
This site displays plentiful Fan Arts - all rights are reserved to companies by creation of serie(s). All characters displayed in the "Fan Art" galleries are not property of Donna A. / Karniz but the illustration itself is.

About Textures:
Various textures used within the site as part of the layout and within the arts themselves are all retained from "Free to use for Commercial and non-Commercial Use" texture-resource sites. Those are and will include:
CG Textures, Mayang's Free Texture Library, Squid Fingers, Zen Textures/Lost and Taken, and Gimei @ DA.
[In some cases textures used in my works are my own scanned textures from various textiles around my house.]