Hello! and WELCOME to my 2019 commission cycle!
Updated content: 12.20.2019 @ 10:10AM PST
Forms are now closed until next year!
It means a lot for everyone who has commissioned me this past year, it's helped out immensly with paying off bills and general expenses... I don't make a ton of money doing commissions, but every little bit helps!

general information : please read before continuing

This list is very important to ensure a speedy process please read the following:

  I reserve the right to reject any commission request without question.
  Do not request a commission if you are unable to keep in constant contact with me.
  Have your references and ideas for the commission ready before submitting a request.
  Commissions furnished by me are for personal use only to the commissioner. [See the Disclaimer for details.]
  I may use the illustration in my personal portfolio/website with or without context.
  The illustrative work may be used in merchandise/prints/etc except when it is other's original characters.
  You will not sell or distribute the commission illustration for profit.
      If you are interested to hire me for commercial work please e-mail me.
  I reserve rights to the illustration and any redesigns of contained characters [if applicable.] once completed.
  I require full payment before real work begins. [See Commission Steps for more information.]

If you do not/will not accept the above, do not request a commission. Thank you.

Know what you want? Here is the Commission Form:

2019 Quick Commissions [Cycle #6]
Sketch Commissions

If the form is not up it means I am not available for commissions at the moment!
Please DO NOT e-mail me asking why or requesting a commission/sending information when the form is NOT up!
{ I reserve the right to decline a future commission if you can not read instructions! }

Check out my Tumblr/Twitter/deviantART accounts to see when I have slots available.
[More often than not, I tweet a day or two ahead of time giving a timeframe as to when I *will* reopen.]

If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail at karniz@noizmaker.net
Please refrain from sending me deviantART notes, or Tumblr mail as I do NOT
get notifications that I get them on my phone.
E-mailing me is the quickest way to get in touch with me.
I only accept commission requests via my site's mail form.

So, what does your commission earnings go towards?
ART GOAL: So I was able to get the Tablet Monitor! YAY!! So this means...

Right now most of my income will be going towards assisting me and my family for a downpayment on a house! The market is real bad, but we really need to have a place of our own. I don't want my child growing up in an apartment.... T_T

{ Additional income earned doing commissions help me pay the bills associated with my domain & art supply costs. }

So commissioning helps me out in many many ways, like keeping me sane, and I'm honored for your interest!
Now, if you're unable to commission me yourself, even sharing my information with your peers is appreciated!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail at karniz@noizmaker.net
Please refrain from sending me deviantART notes, or Tumblr mail as I do NOT
get notifications that I get them on my phone.
E-mailing me is the quickest way to get in touch with me.
I also ONLY accept commission requests via my site's mail form.

Check out my "Commission Info & Tips" post on my Tumblr!

Q:   "Why do you only do "Quick Commissions" nowadays?"
A:   The simple answer is that I can work through them quickly.

The longer answer is... well, to be put quite frankly - I deal with less frustration this way. As much as I like working on a custom piece, lately especially, it has taken more than a week to complete one illustration. Due to irregular replies or having to request more and more reference because the initial supplied wasn't enough. So yeah, quick commissions are very basic, allow me to go ham, and I can crank them out quickly while pleasing a much broader audience.

Basically: In the one week it would take me to complete one illustration that might be priced at $100 USD, I could finish seven regular Waist-Up Quick Commissions and earn $175 USD.
It's a no-brainer earning-wise, for me.

Q:   "Are you available for commissions right now?"
A:   Please check the main page for the link to the forms, if the form works - I'm open for a commission! If not, please read below.

Q:   "When will you be open again for commissions?"
A:   This is a weighted question, mainly; I do not actually know when I'm going to be open again for commissions!
Time spent on a commission is determined by the types I'm being paid to do, and the frequency of the replies I get from the commissioneer.

Q:   "When does your queue go live?"
A:   Typically if I'm a day or two of reopening commissions I'll say something to that degree on my Twitter, or there'll be a vague post on my Tumblr. And then again within an hour or so of the form going live again on my Twitter. There is no magic to this other than following my Twitter and keeping an eye out. If you don't want to follow my Twitter [I wouldn't, either. I post nothing of importance... haha!] then just check it every once in awhile to see if I post an update.

Again, no magic formula.

Q:   "Can you e-mail me when you're open again?" and "Can I be put on a waitlist?"
A:   No, I believe in a first-come-first-served basis.

Q:   "But I REALLY want a commission from you but I'm unable to keep checking your sites!"
A:   I understand, but also keep in mind that it would mean that *I* will have to keep tabs on various persons and keep checking in with THEM for when they're available to commission ME. This, for one, makes absolutely no sense and it's far more extra work on my being that would then keep me from actually working on doing illustrations.

Q:   "What is your working schedule?"
A:   In a typical week I will try to work from 10AM~2PM and then from 10PM~2AM Tuesday thru Saturday. My weekend starts Saturday evening and I do not work until Tuesday morning. I use this time to spend time w/ my family.

Q:   "Why haven't you replied to me, it's been a week!?"
A:   As I've said in various places on this site as well as the commission form - I have very little freetime. There is a little needy child that demands much of my freetime. [and I'm not talking about Chubs... ] I work when I can, and I don't when I can't. It's as simple as that. I still try to keep completion to under a week but if The Boy refuses to nap in the middle of the day or stay asleep at night I lose all of my chances to work. So go blame him... ^w^;
[No, don't. He's precious and just wants to be loved... hee hee hee.]

Q:   "Are you available to work on a long-term project?"
A:   Sadly, no. I would love to in a perfect world but I just do not have the free time to do so. If it's a project that doesn't require me doing a set amount of work in a short time and would only need a piece here and there? Then maybe! Feel free to inquire then.

Have a question that you don't see here? Send me an e-mail!

commission steps

I like to keep constant contact with my commissioners.
That means I like to ensure that everything is good before we start working on your request.
So please be sure you have gmail UNBLOCKED from spam. [Had supposed problems in the past.]

Please note that these processes show how I work through an illustration in a classic commission; while I no longer offer them anymore, this is still the same procedure I take with every commission I work on.

{ This is only the basis on how I work on commissions, methods taken can be different for each person }

additional details

WORLD OF WARCRAFT/FINAL FANTASY XIV/ANY OTHER MMO-TYPE GAME: If you are commissioning me your RP character - to ensure accuracy, please supply me with; LINKS TO THE EQUIPMENT, [if WoW] your Armory link, and an RP page. [the last two are optional, but the first is REQUIRED] If you would like to make it much more easier on me, for World of Warcraft character commissions, supplying a Wowhead.com link of your gear is also appreciated if your Armory doesn't include the gear you would like for me to illustrate!
Failure to supply me with proper references will result in me rejecting your commission request.
I will not have wiggle room anymore, mainly because I'm getting tired of having to ask for better references [screenshots that aren't clear enough, the character is tiny in said screenshot, or they're taken in a dark area of the game...], which just takes too much time for me having to go back and forth waiting on references that I should have been given at the start... sorry but it's absolutely true, and hampers the steamlined process I like to take with my commissions. Thank you for your understanding.

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AHEAD OF TIME: It's imperative for me, and you, to have an idea of what you want from me before you get in contact with me for a commission. [this includes poses and method for coloring] By doing so, we can begin working as soon as possible without delay. This also prevents strain on the commission queue. I also tend to work fairly quickly and I like to keep in constant contact with my commissioners - a perfect length of time from start to finish on a commission is three days. [day 1 - sketches & roughs, day 2 - line art, day 3 - colors and finale.]

IN THE CASE OF QUICK-COMMISSIONS: Typically I start and finish a commission in a single working session. There are days, though, where I will start in the daytime, but not finish until night. This is why some of my e-mails are sent to you at 1AM PST.
Sometimes you may change your mind on something and want to alter things, this is normal and please don't feel afraid to ASK. There are times where I haven't begun the next step so if you ask sooner I will be able to work that in, so there's no harm in asking!

FAILURE TO KEEP IN CONTACT: If for any reason you take too long to reply to me, or are vague in what you want in the commission I may terminate your position in the queue. I will always e-mail you at least three times, checking in with you, before I do so. I understand that things happen in life, as they do for me too, but I would appreciate a heads up if that is the case. Then I can move you down in the queue until you are ready to resume work. Failure to respond to me in a acceptable amount of time will result in position termination.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: I only accept payments through PayPal in US Currency [Currency from Canada is *not* US Currency]. I will send you an invoice for the commission purchase. Prices are subject to change. I will quote you a price for the piece before major work begins. I do reserve the right to have some personal time during/between commissions, but I will always work quicky and efficiently when I am working on your illustration as I can.

A few have asked to see what the commission form looks like, so they can be prepared to answer questions prior to seeing the form. And hey, that's a pretty good idea!

This is only a screencap of the form itself.
Here are samples of past commissions I've done as well as other coloring styles.
You can view more examples on my DeviantART gallery or my Tumblr.

Quick Commissions - Various styles; all Cel-Shaded

Digital Art - Cel/Rough/Render

Traditional Art - Pencil/Pen/Watercolor/Dyes

By sending a commission form and paying my invoice you are digitally signing/agreeing to my disclaimer, so please read and understand everything within my disclaimer before doing so. Please keep in mind that the Terms and usage rights detailed below stay intact for all periods before, during,and after the commission process is complete.

Commissionee - Person intiated the commission; you.
Commissioner/er - The artist; me.

  1. Artist Ownership
    The artist retains ownership of all art drawn. This includes all starting stages [planning, sketching, works in progress, and the line art] including the final product. The works in any form may not be altered by the commissionee or any other parties collaberated.
    For use on social media or other sites, such things as icons or reposting of the art to a character galleries may be allowed, given the work is clearly stated to be done by the artist and with proper credit given - linking to such sites as;

    Noizmaker.net, the artist's portfolio [http://noizmaker.net/]
    Tumblr [http://karniz.tumblr.com/]
    deviantART [http://karniz.deviantart.com/]

    All other forms such as e-mail address is not considered proper credit.

    In the case of Profit; may not be obtained by the commissioner or the commissionee for the work done unless a previous agreement has been made by the commissioner/commissionee to allow the commissioner/commissionee to use the work ordered for profit. Any alteration/profit/misconduct outside of the commissioner's original agreement via the commissionee must be handled with by the originating commisionee; an additional fee will be charged if court action must take place.

  2. Copyright and Licensing
    The artist retains ownership of the copyright [provided: Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988]. Purchase of the original work does not forfeit the copyright of the art. The commissionee only retains a partial copyright to use the works for only personal use; which are provided by the commissioner in the form of unmarked printable versions of the work for personal printing. No distribution of said files/works for public use will be allowed unless an additional fee is to be applied for intended useages and must be agreed to by the commissioner prior to the commission beginning. Any attempt to reproduce any forms of the final product for non-personal use will be a breach of the disclaimer.
    Illustrations that are furnished by me as part of a commission are not to be released or resold by the original commissionee. If found to be done so I will no longer work with the misconductee.

  3. In Short: [ie, in my words...]
    You've got an idea for an illustration you want me to do? Peachy keen.

    But all I ask is that you don't go around claiming the art to be yours.
    Or that you republish my work(s) for your own personal gain.
    [I won't be doing the same, unless it's previously agreed by you that I can]

    And please don't be sneaky and hire me for a drawing, to then be used for public or commercial use, without letting me know. If you want to hire me to work on a project with you, just let me know first, we'll talk details.

    Also - none of the commissions I do are 'adoptables' so no, you cannot resell the illustration I did of your character even though you 'sell' them off. That's not cool. In any way.

    Please respect the artist.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me: karniz@noizmaker.net